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As part  of your professional career, you have to join a company implanted in Provence, for a short or long term assignment:
  • You wish to come on a reconnaissance trip in this future environment

  • You arrive alone or with your family

  • You benefit from a support of a relocation agency for expatriates and you wish to complement it.

    For first information, please click here:



You are in following a linguistic immersion seminar:

  • For learning French before your arrival in France or because French knowledge has become a requirement in your current work

  • To prepare a humanitarian or a business mission in a French-speaking country 


You are on business trip in Provence and you wish to connect with French people, instead of staying alone in an hotel room.

For the last two situations, the "immersion stay" can be replaced by the "discovery of Provence stay" for more, please click here

Nicole and Gerard will build for you a custom-made stay, according to your wishes and will welcome you to their home in Provence:
  • a pleasant, comfortable and fully renovated villa, decorated with a great care and following the latest trends.
  • Situated in the countryside, with shaded garden and swimming-pool, halfway between Marseille and Aix-en-Provence. For more, please click here

     swimming-pool     lounge  and its fireplace     hiking  les calanques
Native of the region, interested in its history and traditions, Nicole and Gerard will make you discover all what makes Provence. for more information, please click here,

Gerard, president of the association "Vignes et Vins" loves sharing his passion for oenologie and wine tasting.
Nicole, besides her passion for decoration, adores preparing provençal dishes and will multiply the opportunities to make you appreciate them (all homemade using local products).
Gerard organises hiking trips all year round and will take you the most beautiful paths in Provence, adapting the route to your level.
We hosted during 15 years, foreign students and we often received their family. We, in turn, went to visit them in their country.Always appreciating the wealth of exchanges with other countries, we will have pleasure in making you discover the French culture and its characteristics.

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